ManuElla is one of the most popular female singers in Slovenia (EU). In 2016 she represented her country with her song “Blue and Red” at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since early childhood music has always played the biggest role in ManuElla’s life. By the age of six she had mastered accordion and at 13 went on to form her first band as a singer and bass guitarist. However, she has always felt best as a vocalist and as a 16-year-old performed for the first time on national TV. From an early age she felt that someday Slovenian stages would become too small for her, because even though providing her with a strong start, it’s a small country with only 2 million inhabitants.

After her performance at Eurovision Song Contest 2016 she received amazing feedback from influential Swedish music industry professionals and in the summer of 2016 was invited back to perform in Sweden several times. ManuElla subsequently made the decision to move to Sweden and create a name for herself internationally, as she always wanted to reach out a wider audience, to spread her strong messages through her Voice and Music…